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Margaret Abramshe  Jeffco Public Schools • Arvada CO  USMore Info
Does your Quilt Guild or Shop want to learn about art quilting? I am a retired art teacher and a successful art quilter I am happy to present a trunk show and provide a single day workshop.I will be sharing with workshop participants the basics of visual composition. My work has been included in ≻≻
Regula Affolter   • Oekingen Solothurn  CHMore Info
I am working currently on the series Missisbraini and Radiation. The peak of this series  is primary the workout of talking in forms, shapes, lines, geometrics and colours for different abstract possibilitys, about current, previous or historical social aspects from the human life and the ≻≻
Natalya Aikens   • Pleasantville NY  USMore Info
I conduct art workshops with children and adults, and present lectures about my art, repurposing and sustainable stitching practices. The intimate and meditative act of hand stitching my smaller artworks is a nod to women's work. I also create larger than life installations made of fluttering, ≻≻
Sandra Bruce   • Grass Valley CA1  USMore Info
I teach my technique, "Material Matrix" nationally and internationally.
Deb Cashatt of Pixeladies  Pixeladies • Cameron Park CA1  USMore Info
Deb Cashatt and her artistic collaborator, Kris Sazaki, are the Pixeladies. They teach Photoshop for fiber artists. From beginning to advanced classes, they teach students the essential Photoshop tools they'll need to design their own fabric, postcards, and other materials essential to creating ≻≻
Jette Clover   • Antwerpen   BEMore Info
I am an artist and I teach workshops.
Sue Dennis   • Brisbane QLD  AUMore Info
Artist, international tutor, curator, writer  Nothing is more thrilling than teaching a group of eager students. With 20 years of teaching experience, I have travelled widely and discovered keen quilters in some extraordinary places.
Maggie Dillon   • Sarasota FL  USMore Info
I will take photographs of your art for art show entries/calls to artists and deliver them as digital files.
Heather Dubreuil   • Hudson QC  CAMore Info
As a graduate in Art Education, my approach to teaching helps students use the principles of good composition and color theory to express their own imagery in cloth. My course "Building Blocks" has participants using line and shape to create architectural drawings with stitch. Techniques include ≻≻
Lisa Ellis  Giving Back Technology • Fairfax VA  USMore Info
I am an artist who specializes in making sacred and healing works. I serve the art quilt world by supporting a number of exhibits with leadership to give artists a voice and to make hospitals and other healing centers a more pleasing environment for patients and their families. I am the director ≻≻
Bethany Garner  FIBREWORKS KINGSTON • Elginburg ON  CAMore Info
FIBREWORKS KINGSTON supports the fibre arts through the presentation of an outstanding Series of two and three day Weekend Workshops offered each year. As a premier provider with 34 years supporting the textile arts, we take pride in offering our students internationally recognized ≻≻
Jo-Ann Golenia   • Venice FL  USMore Info
Visit my website for more artwork. <>
Julia Graber   • Brooksville MS  USMore Info
I enjoy the challenge of taking an old familiar quilt block and turning it into a new and innovative quilt or fiber art. I'm also drawn to bright, bold, and brassy colors to help bring my work to life. And then too, I love the challenge of taking an image, whether from a photograph, nature, ≻≻
Laura Jaszkowski  Joy in Cloth • Eugene OR  USMore Info
Laura's work has been exhibited nationally, as well as internationally, in a variety of museum and gallery venues. Her main inspiration is the wild and ancient landscape and how it has been changed and influenced by human activity. Laura is available to travel as a speaker and workshop ≻≻
Ann Johnston   • Lake Oswego OR  USMore Info
I have enjoyed teaching fabric dyeing and quilt design since the 1990's.  My books include an updated second edition of Color By Design: Paint and Print with Dye; The Quilter's Book of Design, Expanded 2nd Edition; and The Contact: Sierra Nevada, Dyed and Stitched. My 4.5 hour DVD, Color by ≻≻
Judy Kirpich   • Takoma Park MD  USMore Info
My work is directed by my emotions, and I am a somewhat half-empty, anxious person. The complexities of running a 35 person agency, the war in Syria, Mexican druglords, the Great Recession, mental illness and cancer have all informed my work. My art is a mirror into my soul, and ≻≻
Karol Kusmaul   • Inverness FL  USMore Info
Workshops in collage composition, longarming, and commissions.  (See examples of my work at
Deborah Kuster  Univ of Central Arkansas • Conway AR  USMore Info
I have been actively involved in facilitating professional development workshops for school teachers and conference or retreat workshops for community organizations. I continually seek collaborations with area galleries and museums by leading tours, presenting workshops, and attending events.
Susan Lenz   • Columbia SC  USMore Info
I am available for trunk shows and workshops, including "HOT", a workshop on heat-activated techniques for comtemporary stitching and "Second Life", a workshop design to incorporate small family heirlooms into legacy art quilts. Upcoming schedule includes "HOT" at the Focus on Fiber retreat in ≻≻
Kay Liggett  Ridgeway Studios • Monument CO  USMore Info
Visitors to my Studio Tour get to try out surface design techniques.  I also provide kits for many of the types of quilting and surface design that they see during the visit:   Front Range Open
Fabric/Surface Design
Barbara Barrick McKie   • Lyme CT  USMore Info
I make commissioned art quilts mostly based on photographs.
Salli McQuaid   • Walla Walla WA  USMore Info
  The need to create art is an integral part of my being; it pervades every aspect of my life. Although I have worked in most media, there is a constant facet of my art that involves fabric and and/or threads. In 2006 I discovered art quilts. The genre offered a rare technical ≻≻
Fabric/Surface Design
Elizabeth Michellod-Dutheil   • Le Chable Valais  CHMore Info
Elizabeth collects and dissects any object that suits her inspiration, be it vegetal, manufactured or industrial. She likes to explore new ways of using and combining those materials. In some of her works, the thread is a guideline and the fabric becomes a support. By accumulating various ≻≻
Alison Muir   • Cremorne  NSW  AUMore Info
Welcome to my world of textiles As you view the Commissioned works you will discover my textile designs deliver messages about the environment I use non connected traditions in my textile designs with political comment on dyed textiles, by using scientific details from the ≻≻
Nysha Nelson   • Somerville TN  USMore Info
Being the master of a skill required focus and dedication and some guidance. I am passionate about free motion quilting and making the marks/patterns I want. I want to teach you how to do the same for yourself!
Kathryn Pellman   • Los Angeles CA2  USMore Info
My quilts blend my love of storytelling, fashion, fabric and traditional quilting.  They are a celebration and exploration of women and femininity.  Fabric and thread are my paint; the sewing machine is my paintbrush.   Although my quilts are not traditional, there is a strong ≻≻
Valarie Poitier  Valarie Poitier & Company • Natick MA  USMore Info
Professional Development Workshop: learn the art of speaking to small and large groups; preparing your presentation; holding the audience in the palm of your hand. Independent Curator, Juror, Writer, Motivational Speaker Artist Development Seminars Available: Move from your current position to ≻≻
Daren Redman  DP Redman Studio • Nashville IN  USMore Info
My lecture share how I connect with the community and involve my quilting with public art and non-profits. I create site-specific public art with large scale quilted wallhangings from my hand-dyed fabrics and welcome private and public commissions. My artist-in-residencies include Grand Canyon ≻≻
Miki Rodriguez   • San Antonio TX  USMore Info
If you enjoy working with a variety of mixed materials, you're looking at the right service. I am a teacher and lecturer in the area of surface design. Some choice tools include the Dremel tool, wire cutters, paints, brushes, hand stitching and the sewing machine. Students get to play with ≻≻
Alison Schwabe   • Montevideo   UYMore Info
My focus is always on encouraging each student to explore their individuality  through fabric and stitch, using basic design principles, carefully considered colour choices, and any of the numerous techniques I have used in my own work.  My classes are built ≻≻
Maria Shell   • Anchorage AK  USMore Info
I believe there is great value in cultivating original work and creativity in every individual. All of my workshops are created to work with a variety of skill levels within the same class. Each workshop covers similar material but from completely different angles. The full array of techniques ≻≻
Martha Sielman   • Amston CT  USMore Info
Looking for an exciting lecture about art quilts? I offer several lectures based on my best-selling books: “Abstracts & Geometrics,” "Masters: Art Quilts," "The Natural World," and "People and Portraits.” 
Daniela Tiger   • Toronto ON  CAMore Info
I have significant experience with Judaica themed textile art. I have created many wedding canopies and am happy to explore personalized commission requests.
Catherine Timm   • Westmeath ON  CAMore Info
"I am a visual artist who uses fibre, textiles and mixed media to create two and three dimensional collage.  My love of nature and my curiosity lead me to explore and manipulate the materials to depict landscapes and abstract art.
Gwyned Trefethen   • Cohasset MA  USMore Info
Trefethen’s fascination with value results in her using value changes to create subtlety, sharp edges, shadow, dappled light and luminosity. Value is the first consideration when Trefethen starts her artwork. Through careful selection of fabric and thread she is able to bring emphasis to ≻≻
Maggie Vanderweit   • Fergus ON  CAMore Info
I create textile art using my hand-painted cotton, woven wool dyed with rust and botanicals, intense machine and hand embellishment; also in a variety of other materials and techniques. I teach and lecture extensively. 
Fabric/Surface Design
Desiree Vaughn   • Elk Rapids MI  USMore Info
I happily accept commissions for abstract work and enjoy working with clients to find just the right colors and design.  I dye and paint my own fabric so you can always be assured of a one of a kind piece of art. 
Marianne R. Williamson   • Mountain Brook AL  USMore Info
I am selling my new book Textiles in Motion at the SAQA bookstore.