Judy Kirpich
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My work is directed by my emotions, and I am a somewhat half-empty, anxious person. The complexities of running a 35 person agency, the war in Syria, Mexican druglords, the Great Recession, mental illness and cancer have all informed my work. My art is a mirror into my soul, and sometimes it has been somewhat dark. I work in a series and often come back to a subject matter over and over. 

I love the juxtaposition of spontaneity and precision. To get a composition to look free flowing and gestural demands great control and exactness. This is my holy grail and I still have not cracked that nut. But I continue to try. I do not applique or use any fusing whatsoever. All of my work is machine pieced and machine quilted and while it would be far faster and easier to fuse fabric together, it is not a technique that I use.


I work large. My new pieces are about 80" x 90" which is a challenge since I only have a design wall that is quite small. My "studio" is my son's old bedroom, an 8'x11' space that is somewhat oddly shaped and confining. I am happily in the process of building a studio space in Lewes that will be 28' x 32' and I expect that will have a tremendous effect on my work. 

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