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Valarie Poitier
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Professional Development Workshop: learn the art of speaking to small and large groups; preparing your presentation; holding the audience in the palm of your hand.

Independent Curator, Juror, Writer, Motivational Speaker

Artist Development Seminars Available: Move from your current position to the one you have envisioned for yourself.

Are you an Artist?
Assessment of Skills, Techniques.
How to evaluate if time is spent well or wasted and how to fix it.
Strategy Sessions for enhanced quality time during individual or group meetings.
Marketing your wares, pricing, insuring, selecting appropriate exhibitions to enter.
Creating a supportive environment, Selecting a Mentor.
Studio Set Up.
Insuring your work and studio, Creating your will or trust.
Workshop on How to get the most out of your stash!


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89 Pine Street
Natick, MA 01760 US
Phone: 508-314-6597