Kathleen McCabe

250 H Avenue
Coronado, CA2
92118-1222 US



Artist Information for Kathleen McCabe

As an artist, it is important to me that the viewer take a step back to consider what my art means.  I have something to say.  What the viewer interprests is personal to that individual, but it is most gratifying to me when my artwork speaks to the viewer, evokes thought, and especially gives them something t contemplate afterward.

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Protea41" W x 31" L  

In His Shadow

In His Shadow33" W x 29" L  

Agave in Black and White

Agave in Black and White24" x 24"  

Flight Crew (Circa 1950 USN)

Flight Crew (Circa 1950 USN)54 L" x 36 W"  

Funeral in the Rain

Funeral in the Rain35" x 42"