Linda Anderson


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Everyone everywhere has a story. I am compelled and attracted to find that moment that captures the essence of the person and share it through the medium of fine art quilts, merging the two elements that are closest to my heart: drawing and sewing.

What grabs my heart the most are peoples of different cultures and circumstances. A lot of my work is about expressing the uniqueness of humans around the world, while celebrating the ordinary moments of people doing what they do that often goes unnoticed. It is the combination of high drama from strong value contrast and color that catch your eye and the gentle delicacy seen up close that defines my approach to fine art quilts.

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A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life133" x 47"   Photo by Jamie Hamel-Smith

On a trip to India, our eyes feasted on vibrant colors that women wore everywhere we looked, no matter their station in life or job engaged in. The high energy of daily living was constantly displayed in the streets by continuous movement and action. Color splashes all around. I wanted to capture that feeling in a tableau diptych. 

Maria's Tree

Maria's Tree35" x 43"   Photo by Jamie Hamel-Smith

In the village of Yetla, Oaxaca, the traditional dress huipils are decorated with stylized red, geometric trees, one design for each of the 4 stages of womanhood. Maria’s tree is a sprawling, wildly branching sapling, characterizing a child running about and stretching upwards day by day like a fast growing plant.


Braveheart64" x 47"   Photo by Jamie Hamel-Smith

On a trip to China, we witnessed a stunning Tang Dynasty performance of music and dance. This warrior presented such a powerful presence of command and leadership, I knew I wanted to tell his story of courage, which is the symbol in the background.

Velvet Flowers

Velvet Flowers30" x 50"   Photo by Jamie Hamel-Smith

In the quiet village of Santa Rosa in Oaxaca, Mexico, all the women, and some of the men, embroider blouses and skirts of velvet with hand-stitched flowers. They gather around tables, chatting back and forth as they create a style of dress also used by Frida Kahlo. Flowers continue today to dance across the rich clothing on the solid women of this land.

Perceptions of Life

Perceptions of Life40" x 40"   Photo by Jamie Hamel-Smith

My work is created with similar themes that have become a core part in expressing my life’s message… people, places, perspective and photography. These elements help me describe the wonder of humans around the world and the life story each one represents. Perspective gives us the depth of place and time that came before us and continues beyond us, while photography records the unique moment of that story.