Maggie Vanderweit

640 Colquhoun Street
Fergus, ON
N1M 1S3 CA


Artist Information for Maggie Vanderweit

I create to express appreciation and wonder at this wonderful life I live. Afer working with painted fabric, intense machine and hand embellishment in many fibres, my most recent series is with wool and silk, wrap-dyed using rusty metals and botanicals to produce ethereal, delicate, soft focus imprints and complex overlays of natural colour and texture in whole cloth quilts.

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Strawberry Spirits

Strawberry Spirits28" x 47"   Strawberry plants cover the ground under the grasses in the garden just outside my walkout studio door. They are tough, lovely and full of life's energy and bounty. Using rusty metal as a mordant, I wrap-dyed arrangements on wool, pieced them together and machine quilted using invisible thread.

Into the Light

Into the Light02/15/2013   "There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in", sings Leonard Cohen in "Anthem". It is my profound hope that as I age and slowly move towards the light, I will accumulate wisdom and compassion to fill the wrinkles and cracks. Wrap-dyed wool using rust and walnuts, quilted on a domestic machine.

Old Dog, New Tricks

Old Dog, New Tricks18" x 35"   We change profoundly as we age, and I hope we never stop learning and having fun and trying on new personalities. Wrap-dyed wool using walnuts and rust, quilted on a domestic machine.

Old Bag

Old Bag18" x 31"   Many of my favourite possessions are weathered antiques and some of my favourite people are well-aged too. Sometimes reclaiming a word can give it new dignity and meaning. Wrap-dyed wool using rust and walnuts, machine quilted on a domestic machine.

Hands Off

Hands Off25 x 57