Daniela Tiger

Toronto, ON CA



Artist Information for Daniela Tiger

My work is inspired by my endless fascination with the human condition. I am as interested in the colourful threads that create strong kinship ties as those that are frayed and fractured.  A continuous curiosity about ‘what makes people tic’  has driven me throughout my life.  My professional life began with a strong social work practice when I was privileged to offer support as clients faced the challenges of living.  This work requires a radical openness to cross cultural issues.  However, the common thread throughout,  and that which I bring to my creative process, is that we all seek relationship.  It is through our ties to others that we have  our most intense emotional experiences.  The inspiration for my artwork is to explore interpersonal relationships, to create dialogue that breaks down cross cultural barriers and explore shared experiences.   

I have been fortunate to be able to travel extensively in my life.  The figures in my work all begin with photos I have taken while adventuring.  It is easy to see the superficial differences between us, but I seek to highlight the common threads that connect us to each other.  My work begins with white cotton and white silk organza and I use a diverse range of surface design techniques to alter the appearance of the cloth.

The human form is a constant in my work.  Most appear as ghostly figures as I am inviting the viewer to explore their own narrative as they interpret the scene.  In so doing,  one has room to bring themselves into the work.  Although we may not have a shared view of the world, we need to find better ways to live in this world together.

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Caught by an unexpected flood, the road is washed out, and we all wait quietly to see how the day will unfold.


Connected28" x 40"   Photo by Sylvia Galbraith

Can you imagine a world where we have been able to move beyond our colour differences and find joy in our rainbow selves? To truly connect, that would indeed be a garden of eden.

A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand14" x 15"   Photo by Sylvia Galbraith

A moment of tenderness between siblings. Loving support caught by the camera.

Won`t You Come Sit by Me?

Won`t You Come Sit by Me?12" x 9"   Photo by Sylvia Galbraith

A Portrait of my Father in a Rare Moment of Relaxation.  I would like to imagine that he was watching his grandchildren play and enjoying the moment. 

Where Are We Going From Here?

Where Are We Going From Here?36" x 16"   Photo by Sylvia Galbraith

Preoccupied with our unsettling political climate, saddened by overwhelming numbers of peoples who feel rootless and confused. I ask the question: "Where are we going from here?" My figures are worried, muddled, but they are fortified by the words of great orators, such as Martin Luther King Jr.,T.S. Eliot, and Maya Angelou, who encourage us to consider compassion, to dare to love, to work towards understanding each other.