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The beauty found in our world inspires my artwork. Color, texture, endless design possibilities, and the sheer fun of working with fabric and thread make textiles my choice for expressing nature's bounties.

Inspiration for my work comes from my travels and exploration of the coastal environment where I live. I love to take photographs of interesting sights that capture my fancy and use these as a starting point for my quilts.

Focusing on images of nature and elements of the earth and water, I strive for realism in some pieces while stretching the limits of realistic portrayal in others. I primarily create art quilts that are pictorial in nature with scenes that are eye catching at first glance. Then I invite you to look more closely. Rich color or surprising fabric choices, complex stitching, hidden items, and/or a variety of embellishments are all elements I like to incorporate into my work.

I hope my work will capture your interest and give you pleasure with each and every viewing.

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Moon and Stars

Moon and Stars46" x 32"  

Standing at the ocean`s edge on a clear starry night is truly breathtaking. But the stars in this quilt do more than light up the sky. They are also left behind by the ebbing tide.

House by the Sea

House by the Sea35" x 16"  

Imagine living in a house by the sea where all the images depicted in this quilt are right outside your door. How exciting each day`s beach adventure would be! Shells used in making this quilt were found on my beach walks, and the driftwood too.

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach32" x 45"  

If you have ever stood on a beach and watched gorgeous sunset, then you know what this quilt is all about.

Rhythm of the Sea I

Rhythm of the Sea I20" x 25"  

Inspiration for this quilt came from my long time love of "The Great Wave", a woodblock print by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. Each cresting wave is imbued with its own color, its own rhythmic movement, and is sewn using vintage lace.

Dragons in the Forest

Dragons in the Forest32" x 41"  

I am in love with these leafy, weedy looking sea dragons. They are just another example of nature`s perfect camouflage. Their movements are orchestrated by their small translucent fins which allow them to sway with the rhythmic movements of seaweed and kelp.