Kathie Briggs

13595 Phelps Road
Charlevoix, MI
49720 US



Artist Information for Kathie Briggs

Nature and the environment are vitally important to me. Living in the woods I have gotten to know the trees and like Treebeard the Ent these are my friends as are the creatures who live in the forest, fields and lakes. My art is built from small pieces that fit together to become the story and continues to evolve from a somewhat realistic portrayal of the flora and fauna of the north woods to more abstracted exploration of of both natural elements and how we coexist for better or worse with our environment.

I 'paint' with fabric because I’m fascinated by the visual and tactile texture of cloth that is further enhanced by the impression made by the stitch. I use a palette of subtle natural colors and my materials are primarily batiks and fabrics I dye or print myself, though I occasionally break into saturated color

My work has been exhibited in galleries, art centers and at national and international quilt shows; and has been featured in several books and magazines. I am a Juried Artist Member of the Studio Art Quilt Associates. I offer a variety of art workshops including "Creating Strong Compositions" and "Capturing the Muse," as well as several art doll workshops.

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Portal #3 Enigma

Portal #3 Enigma20” H x 25” W  

The doorway you find is not the one you searched for. Pass over the obstacles, climb the steps and enter though you do not know what lies on the other side. It is the doorway you were meant to find.

Golden Marsh

Golden Marsh34" x 34"  

Spring comes slowly and late in northern Michigan. Marsh Marigolds are the first wildflower to bloom in profusion in the wetlands near my house.

More Beneath the Surface

More Beneath the Surface70" H x 14" W  

We see only part of the tree. There's much more beneath the surface. Isn't that true about most things?

Portal #2 Through the Forest

Portal #2 Through the Forest32” H x 24” W  

In a forest you will encounter many openings, some leading to clearings, others to paths both wide and narrow. You don't know where they end but enter one and follow where it leads. The next season when you return you will find only new gaps leading to entirely new destinations.

Portal #1 Transition

Portal #1 Transition21.5” H x 22” W  

The doorway presents itself, unexpected and transient. It floats briefly before you. Step through and be changed forever or let the opportunity pass.