Catherine Smith

P.O. Box 303
Chaplin, CT
06235 US


Artist Information for Catherine Smith

Pattern colors, and lines are the themes of my quilts.  I call myself a "quilter" because hand stitching is an integral part of my work.  I design my quilts through a process of discovery of relationships among patterns, colors, and a limited variety of shapes.   These shapes are defined by the simple lines that have been in my art for more than twenty years.

Everyday haying activities are incorporated into my art.  The viewer of this art shares in the seasonal changes that my photographs record.  Enlarged hay images show bits and pieces of random lines.  Each line or any combinations of  these lines can be the stimulus that allows for the exploration of the spaces that are created where line meets line or line overlaps line.  My goal is to continue to develop the language of the line.           

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Transfusion #4

Transfusion #4 40" x 48"  

This piece continues my Transfusion Series in which I continue to explore movement across the quilts surface. 

Rolled Hay

Rolled Hay30Hx39W