Susie Monday

3532 Timbercreek
Pipe Creek, TX


Artist Information for Susie Monday

What kind of stories do you see in these bits and pieces of cloth? Where I live and work, near Pipe Creek - near Bandera - near San Antonio, I swim amid icons, tall tales, nature and broad strokes of light standing on  the edge of a long ridge between two valleys. These visions, with the colors and textures of the Borderlands, inspire my work, whether narrative or abstract while world travels and travails, text fragments and flying mermaids pop up on my design table and find their way onto fabric. Creative work is our human destiny and human right, and I keep that in mind as I work with my heart and hands, trusting the process and the mystery of it all.

Working with recycled fabrics and ethnic textiles, and with commercially printed fabrics that I design on my iPad, I add in layers of dye, paint, stencils and stamp my way from color to texture to pattern. I fuse my large textile art quilts, just as you might a collage of painted papers, then finish it with stitch, adding elements of line and texture to the color and shape.

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Agave and Ocotillo

Agave and Ocotillo40" by 40" by 1.5"  

The blooming deserts of Big Bend borderlands give this Century Plant, agave, its striking setting amid the snake like stalks of ocotillo with their tiny green leaves.

Above and Below

Above and Below38" by 52" by 1.5"  

Another of the Camino series. More fields, more road, more walking.

Handmaiden: Desert Spring

Handmaiden: Desert Spring26" by 61"  

Chalchiutilicue is the Aztec goddess of running water and desert springs who brings fertility to crops and is sister to the Rain god Tlaloc. During the time of flood she protected humanity by changing people into fish -- and also ushers us into communion as goddess of baptism.

When Santiago was a Woman

When Santiago was a Woman48" by 60"  

One of a series inspired by walking the Camino de Santiago, I wondered if St. James, Santiago, would have flown overhead in the guise of a woman, just for fun eschewing the sword for a handful of spring's moon crescent. The walk though Galicia toward the towers and hilltop of Santiago de Campostella was a giant achievement of 11 days walking the last stage. Here the Cathedral stands above the fields and orchards of the landscape.