Desiree Vaughn

Elk Rapids, MI US


Artist Information for Desiree Vaughn

Artwork that warms the imagination-textile art 

Painters usually don't talk about how the pigment feels in their hands. That's a benefit that textile art has over other visual arts; adding another sense, touch, makes it three-dimensional. Color, shape, texture. All work together to affect the way a piece evolves in my hands and on the canvass-a quilt. 

 Sometimes a single piece of fabric inspires an entire piece. Sometimes the fabric exists first in my imagination and I have to create it. Most often, the work evolves. I join two colors, then add a texture, paint or dye new fabric to fit in or contrast. My palette includes cotton, silk, batik, even Tyvek. Finally, I quilt the piece to finish the thought, adding another layer of design. Quilting is the craft, but the object is art. Modern. Contemporary. Paradoxically simple and complicated at the same time. 

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Autumn Eulogy

Autumn Eulogy35.5 x 43.5"   Photo by Artist

The Elements - Wind

The Elements - Wind24" x 24"   Photo by Artist

The Elements - Water

The Elements - Water24" x 24"   Photo by Artist

The Elements - Fire

The Elements - Fire24" x 24"   Photo by Artist

The Elements - Earth

The Elements - Earth24" x 24"   Photo by Artist