Linda Colsh

6445 Paul Rudy Road
Middletown, MD
21769 US


Artist Information for Linda Colsh

I am currently working in series with themes that focus on aspects of growing old and the issues of being elderly: invisibility, isolation, privacy, identity, and our concepts of what is beautiful (or not). My approach is humanist and my themes are solitude and dignity. My imagery is chosen to portray the effects of age and wisdom, and how experience enables people to cope (or not) with the often-overwhelming world they navigate day in and day out. I hope to create a mood of grit and determination and to respect the characters that populate my artwork. My art references the concept of control: who is in control, people struggling to stay in control, when things get out of control…. My work examines the relationship between the individual and society. I am intrigued by the idea of edges and margins—people living on the edge or in the margins.

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The Long Run

The Long Run40x40inches, 100x100cm   Photo by Pol Leemans

The Minimalist

The Minimalist40x40inches, 100x100cm   Photo by Pol Leemans

Hearing the Quiet, Walking the Creeks

Hearing the Quiet, Walking the CreeksSix art quilts each H58xW20"   Photo by Ryan Stein Photography

Farewell to Europe, my home since 1990. Responding to nature and change in a series of six art quilts that survey change over the course of a year of walking the creeks near my new home in Maryland.

Saison 5

Saison 540x40inches, 100x100cm   Photo by Pol Leemans

pieds de verre

pieds de verre40x40inches, 100x100cm   Photo by Pol Leemans