Elizabeth Fram

P.O. Box 207
Waterbury Center, VT
05677-0207 US



Artist Information for Elizabeth Fram

Three years ago, in order to revive my drawing skills, I began sketching common household items and table-scapes daily. Concurrently, my textile work became increasingly more reliant on organizing space and manipulating the elements within it through pattern via Shibori-dyeing, color, and intensive fields of stitching.

It was a natural progression to look for ways to create overlap between these two separate areas of practice, such that they could challenge and complement each other. I am interested in investigating image and surface, separately and together, celebrating each for the qualities they contribute to elevate the other.

The resulting pieces pay homage to the "every day", observing that quiet moments in life merit as much notice as those that are outwardly more momentous.

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Quiet Moment

Quiet Moment11"h x 14"w    Photo by Paul Rogers

Divide & Conquer

Divide & Conquer14"h x 11"w    Photo by Paul Rogers

Alone Together

Alone Together11"h x 14"w    Photo by Paul Rogers


Respite11"h x 14"w    Photo by Paul Rogers


Stacked11"h x 14"w    Photo by Paul Rogers